Struggling to Create Healthy Habits?

Are you a woman age 35+ who has struggled to start or maintain an effective fitness program that works for your life?

Do you:

You know in your heart that being more active and eating more nourishing foods are things you need to do to maintain or improve your health, and yet despite your good intentions you just can’t seem to consistently follow through with concrete actions in this area of your life.

You may have had negative experiences with trying to “stick to an exercise program”, stopping and starting many times over the years, feeling embarrassed that you can’t be consistent (and maybe wondering if you’re doing the “right” type(s) of exercise).

You might even be thinking that it’s just plain “too late” for you to become a physically active person because that’s just not how you’ve ever seen yourself.

It doesn’t have to be this way! 
It IS possible for you to have more energy, feel less stressed and develop a new relationship with exercise (and your body). It IS possible for you to develop new activity and eating patterns you can stick with forever without giving up all the other important things you’re trying to fit into your life.

You don’t need a gym membership, a lot of fancy equipment, or a ridiculous number of hours a week to work out to totally transform your fitness level and your life.

Hi! I’m Karen McLaughlin, certified personal trainer.
My mission? To help reluctant and beginner exercisers increase their energy, strength and body confidence using strategies that will last for a lifetime. 

Even though I’ve always enjoyed being active, I know there are a lot of women out there who have a, shall we say, less than joyful experience of exercise and that it can be hard to see this exercising thing as anything other than a chore that “should” get done (but unlike taking out the garbage, it’s a chore about which one can endlessly procrastinate!). I think that’s a real shame, because movement is part of our natural birthright as humans and is meant to be pleasurable. So, my work often involves helping clients to create a new, more positive relationship with exercise as much as it does teaching the actual exercises in a fitness program.

If you feel ready to consider creating permanent, positive changes in your exercise and eating habits, I am here to help you find your fitness groove!