Nutrition Coaching


Are you struggling with:

-endlessly trying to lose weight and keep it off

-eating too many processed foods

-not getting enough vegetables in your diet

-using sugar and caffeine to get through your day

-not being able to tune into your body’s cues for hunger and fullness

-habitual distracted eating (eating in front of TV, computer, while driving, etc.)

-using food to deal with uncomfortable emotions

-eating consistently throughout the day

-figuring out what you are “supposed to eat” to be healthy

-shopping for and planning healthy meals

You are not alone! MANY people today struggle with maintaining a healthy diet in today’s fast-paced, fast food world. Fortunately, there is effective help available. And the good news is, you don’t have to eat food you hate,  or spend a fortune on fancy “health foods” to eat better, feel better, and have a healthier relationship with food.


I’m a certified Precision Nutrition coach. This coaching method uses a habit-based, research-validated approach to help you create positive, permanent changes in your eating habits and relationship with food.

The process starts with you completing a Food Skills & Behaviours Inventory, where we will identify your current strengths and challenges when it comes to food and eating. Then, working together as a team, we’ll use your strengths to help you build strong habits in your “areas of opportunity” (things you are currently struggling with). This is a systematic, customized and concrete approach that is doable for *anyone*, no matter your current challenges.

This system also acknowledges that it takes TIME to successfully create permanent change. This is why I offer either a 6 month or 1 year coaching package. Taking a longer-term approach, rather than a quick one-off counselling session with a couple of follow ups, has been shown to be much more effective at creating permanent changes in eating habits. Once you have completed this program, you will have a solid base of skills to draw on to ensure you are able to stick with your new habits over the long term.

Nutrition coaching programs include a 60 minute initial assessment, plus two 30 minute coaching sessions per month

6 months, $450

12 months, $775

(Payment plans are available on request)

Group Nutrition Coaching

Starting in January 2019, I will also be offering a coaching program for groups of 6-8 people in person, and up to 15 people online (via either Google Hangouts or Zoom, I’m still working out the details!)

A group approach can be beneficial for a few reasons – it helps reduce the cost of coaching services, it gives you a chance to connect with others who are working on making similar changes in their lives, and it allows you to have an accountability partner while you’re working on building new habits (all group program participants will be paired up into partners within their group). Plus, it’s just a lot of fun to get together and learn new things in a group 🙂

This program will consist of ten 75 minute sessions, 1 per week for 10 weeks. Basic class format will be approximately 15-20 minutes for check in and accountability, 35-40 min presentation on the week’s topic, and 15-20 minutes for Q&A and troubleshooting.

(Tentative) Curriculum

Week 1: Introduction to Habit-Based Coaching, complete/discuss Food Skills Inventory, Mindset for Success

Week 2: Mindful Eating Skills

Week 3: Creating an Environment for Success

Week 4: Simple Strategies for Moving from Processed to Whole Foods

Week 5: Creating Healthy Meals with the Precision Nutrition Plate

Week 6: All About Veggies!

Week 7: Building the Cooking Habit

Week 8: Breaking the Sugar Habit/Dealing with Emotional Eating

Week 9: Sleep & Exercise – Practices to Support Your Nutrition Goals

Week 10: Looking Back, Looking Forward – assessing accomplishments & next steps for continued success

All participants will receive a set of written materials to complement the weekly lessons. There will generally be “homework” assigned in between classes – this will involve tracking your success with building your new habits and checking in with your accountability partner, as well as occasionally completing a written exercise, journaling, or other similar activity.

The complete cost for this program is $225/person

If you are interested in joining the group program, either in-person or online, please contact me (either email me here or give me a call at (905) 536-0148) and let me know your preference for day or evening class and preferred day(s) of the week. I may get more than one group going depending on people’s interest and availability.

In addition, upon completion of the group program I offer a special 3 month individual coaching package (two 30 minute sessions per month for 3 months) for $175. This will allow you to receive ongoing coaching support for nearly 6 months total, increasing the likelihood that you will stick with the changes you made during the group program.

*Please note, that for online services I am only able to work with people currently residing in Canada*


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