What clients have to say about working with me:


During the time I trained with Karen, I saw results after six weeks. I become stronger, leaner, and my balance improved. Karen does a fantastic job of explaining why she is teaching you certain movements and how you can benefit from them in all areas of your life. I greatly benefited from her helping me to organize my schedule and change my habits to reduce stress and be more active. I would recommend Karen to anyone looking to reach their fitness goals, especially if you are just starting out with personal training or if it has been a while since you were active. She will take the time to get to know you and your schedule in order to design a program specifically tailored to your needs. She really listens and puts the client first! Personal training is obviously her passion, and that makes her the kind of trainer you want to have in your corner!
~Julia R.


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I have never been an athletic person, have never enjoyed the gym or group exercise classes, and so was really having trouble finding a way to improve my fitness level. At the age of 50, I realized I needed to be more proactive in taking responsibility for my health. So I signed up with Karen. Am I ever glad I did! Karen combines knowledge, passion, humour, and dedication with kindness and understanding of the reluctant exerciser. She has really helped me to look after myself better, to be more aware of just how much better I can feel about myself with a little effort. Having her help me along has been a godsend. I’m stronger now, my posture is better, my eating habits have improved, and my general outlook is better as well. Thank-you, Karen!
~Anne P.