The Training Experience

I get it – the prospect of hiring a trainer can be downright intimidating! Especially if you’ve had negative experiences with exercise in the past.

To (hopefully) reassure you, I’m the kind of trainer who takes a gentle-yet-firm approach with my clients, keeping things as fun and non-intimidating as possible. You’re likely to get a side dish of dry humour with a sprinkle of philosophy in there, too!

What to Expect When We Start Working Together:
Our first session together will be a 90 minute assessment, where I’ll gather information from you about your current and prior fitness habits/successes/challenges, health history, lifestyle demands, and other factors that will affect your ability to achieve your fitness goals. Yes, we’ll discuss your goals as well, and develop a realistic plan for achieving them. I’ll also take you through a few short fitness assessments that will help me gauge your current cardiovascular, strength, and flexibility fitness levels so I can design an effective and interesting program for you.

From there, we’ll negotiate a plan to work together to create permanent, effective changes in your fitness habits. For most clients, one to two 60 minute sessions with me per week is ideal. If this doesn’t work for you, we’ll develop an alternate plan to meet your needs.  In addition to your regular sessions with me, you’ll also have “homework” to do on your own – generally there will be a specific focus to this each time and I’m careful not to push my clients into overwhelm!

I design your program based on your needs and the resources/equipment you have available to you, so you won’t be asked to spend a lot of money on fancy equipment. Most of my clients end up purchasing dumbbells and/or resistance tubing and an exercise ball so they are able to do their resistance (strength) program at home outside of our training sessions. Whatever your starting point and current resources, we’ll develop a plan that works for you!

Although all my client programs are tailored specifically for them as individuals, a “typical” 60 minute session with me might look like this:

5 minute warm up (we’ll chat about your successes and challenges since last session while doing this)
40 min resistance (strength) training or a combo of cardio and strength, depending on your program
5-10 minutes flexibility training and cool down
5-10 minutes troubleshooting challenges and strategizing for success in areas of difficulty

I am a big believer in ongoing client education, so most sessions you will also receive some type of written material to take away with you – on everything from habit formation to “cleaning up” your diet, to a new recipe to try out. I also have a tendency to email clients links to interesting articles I think they’ll find useful, unless you don’t like that sort of thing (I admit it, I’m an information junkie!)

If you’re still not sure about what to expect, please contact me with any questions you might have.